Alive and Thinking in Allegories. At 91, Klara Calitri, A Visual Memoir

Just having spoken with Klara – who is always so full of creative juice, she makes me look to the endless possibilities in life, I am moved to share a recent interview with her – please read on past the end of the blog/intro for the full article.  With a life time of beautiful work to her credit, endless expansion and vision, and still being such a productive artist that she makes us all look like we are moving in slow motion,  Klara leads the gallery towards the beginning of Autumn and the bustle in town of a new school year beginning.  Appropriate, since she spent a large portion of her life in the classroom and is still the person to take a lesson from, as well as be inspired by.  In forming the vision for her show Allegories, I am reminded of the deep well that is formed through abstraction.  Peering into the open doorway of Three Reds, I see Klara and Vienna in the 30’s, I hear the music of her life spilling out an ever changing symphony.



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