Wide Awake and in honor of his Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s soon to be visit to Middlebury

Just finished hanging the installation for October at the gallery. Featuring two truly unique and talented felt artists this month.

The gallery is filled with “Vermont Prayers” – by Deborah Allen – what an amazing visual, textural and spiritual convergence – the humble gallery brimming with all these colorful prayers from the people of Vermont is a sight to truly behold and experience for one’s self – Deborah’s artistic vision has come to life in stunning silk on wool felt made in the colors of our Vermont autumn.

“God, Dogs and Fishes” by Christa Fisher is featured on the main gallery wall – a whimsical masterful piece of cold felting artistry – Christa truly captures the sheer unadulterated joy of dogs running in the surf– you can’t help but smile – their happiness is palpable.

I have also placed an antique prayer wheel on the table for use this month.  I hope you get a chance to come by – the gallery is open from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Monday through Friday and by appointment.  Feel free to come and spend some time with these soulful works of art.

Wide Awake and Dreaming

Just taken images from the Full Moon Ecstatic Art Workshop on 9/29/12. The spARkARTscollAboRaTive was at it again, this time, the core group got together for a special Full Moon at Dog Star Studios in Middletown Springs. Leaf peeping along the way—some of those autumn colors found their way into these works. The paintings we created also portray the heavy moon influence as well as the decidedly,  jazz to house music bend the musical selections took,  a little snazzy jazzy urban and a whole lot of full. A special thanks to Jan and Frank Asch for providing the space. For information on future workshops contact Rachel Baird via this gallery. This is a Zone Three Gallery sponsored event.

The Art of Frank Asch

The whimsical, lyrical, dare I say it, quite magical art and artistry of Frank Asch is coming to town! I am utterly delighted to not only have the Frank Asch: Cardboard Art Show this month, but both Jan and Frank Asch will be in attendance at the Arts Walk – this Friday – Sept 14th 5-7 for an opening reception. They are both playwrights as well as artists and will each be reading one of their wondrous 10 minute plays….Frank’s art is up and speaking to me…I have a new favorite every day….and am busy preparing the Great Room for the reception and informal salon to follow. Good food and libation and interesting folks to mingle with this Friday – Join us.

Dreaming in the Rain

Well – it is time for the Arts Walk once again…..the film “Word Speak” has not spoken yet…still working on it…the good news in all of that is we will have more footage to work with over the next couple of weeks…and so the iPad gallery is silent tonight – but the Merry Mob of Poets will be out and about in town – try to find us and you just may have a poetic surprise in store…also poems have gone up around town – the literary walk within the walk is in place – so be sure to linger at each window and read the poetry galore….and in front of Otter Creek Books in the Marble Works – Parking Lot Poetry – cars covered with favorite poems for more poetic license …..

And at the Art Love Shack – corner of Printer’s Alley and Main Street – find a poem or two and also “The Summer Storm”  one of the paintings from the latest Ecstatic Art Workshop.  Explanation and photo of the piece below….see you out and about.

The Summer Storm

The spARkARTscollAboRaTive is a group of modern artists that create collective works and installations. They hold Ecstatic Art Workshops twice a year – where the public is invited to a collective process painting session replete with opening ecstatic meditation and music. This Piece — “The Summer Storm” — was created at the recent July workshop during a major thunder storm – you can see the progression of the storm in the piece from dark cloud build up to wind, deluge and dispersal of the storm’s energy. For Further information on future workshops contact Rachel Baird via this gallery. This is a Zone Three Gallery sponsored event. This work of art was created by: Frank Asch, Jan Asch, Rachel Baird, Diane Curran, Rebecca Gibb and Bolton Price.

Alive and Tuned In On Island

Saturday a.m. sitting in Kissmet – listening to beautiful Turkish music and checking e-mails because my computer has gone to the beach without me…..besides, Kissmet has air conditioned loveliness – Am on Martha’s Vineyard doing prep work for the up coming Renga Installation – read all about it in the poster below – a group of esteemed island affiliated artists and poets have come together to create this second in a series of four unique seasonal installations….SUMMERLAND is happening. Turkish Birthday Feast for me later tonight – then back to Vermont to film language school poets for the short film “Word Speak” – out this coming Friday during the Artswalk on the iPad Gallery….and of course a trip to the beach tonight under the starlit skies to retrieve my computer!

Summerland, an Island Renga

Next Morning – A Report

Ron Slabaugh’s jazz fusion improvisation on the piano was brilliant – creating a floating wall of sound that we all could move within. All were wowed by the space, art, artist Graziella herself, and several women commented that they wanted to own her stripey pants as well. Several of her works were sold to go home with people so that they could sleep with the art. Some commented that the Lonely Interiors series and Graziella’s ability to capture narrative and nostalgia brought up fond memories – flashes of childhood and bygone spaces they still longed for. The artist herself mentioned that these paintings were created from the viewpoint of looking through a window into the scene. After picking their favorite paintings, many became part of the art by stretching out on the checkerboard gallery floor to have their picture taken for artful purposes. We all ate, drank and talked about modern art, its wondrous beauty, power and significance in the world.

Next up – This Sunday the sParkARTscollEcTiVe meets for an ecstatic art workshop. We will have a pop-up gallery at 63 Maple Street, Suite 5 – In the Marble Works – Kubota Building – next Saturday, July 21st from 9-1. Come on by and see what we have created. Until then – We Dream In Art.

Alive and Tuned In

Day One: getting ready for our opening. The featured artist was last spotted at a picnic table on her porch with a big smile on her face. A visual and edible feast has been prepared. Come to the gallery and get your picture taken on our Wonderland shiny checkerboard floor…be part of the art.