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Picture from Mandala Opening-

Alive and swirling….The day after…Mandalas, lots of them, on beautiful big concrete walls with natural light streaming in – what is an artist not to like about that scenario?
Thank you to all my friends, friends I just met yesterday, and all who stopped by to walk the building and see the art, stop and chat, learn more about the concept and energy behind this series. This exhibit will be up at 1330 Exchange Street for a full year, so whoever sees this blog, I hope you get a chance to stop by sometime over the course, and see for yourself the synergy between architecture and art. – Rachel


Mandala- Ongoing Exhibit


KICKSTARTER Project: An Island on the Page

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Project ends at 11:11, 2/22/2014

Please support the Martha’s Vineyard Poetry Society’s publishing project to bring these two poet laureates to print by raising their goal of $4,000.

The Martha’s Vineyard Poetry Society held a double blind contest for the best and brightest poets to represent the island.  Solely on the merit of their writing, Lee H. McCormack was selected as the first year round resident poet laureate and M. R. Baird was selected the first seasonal resident poet laureate.  The MV Poet’s Society is now creating this Kickstarter to help publish books for these two poets.  Both Rachel and Lee have created manuscripts of work that share their vision of Martha’s Vineyard with the world.

Here are a couple of their poems:


Where did I start

Then leave my fitful sleep of

Steady fascinations

For greener pastures

Or any pasture at all?

The cold cement of

That hill city and

I mostly remembered to say goodbye,

Both falling towards the sweeter voice of refuge,

Whispers from a softer coast

And even seasons,

Heard of, read about

With an untried body

And empty means ready.

Got caught up in the mountains

Halfway for a while,

Where the harpies try to seduce

And a wild death lurks behind the promise

Of ease and luxury.

I closed my senses and so

Was not swayed

By those quaking songs and crumbling glitter

But, equally, could not see a way out;

You calmly reminded me that I wanted to go,

Needed to.

How simple it is to forget what was in between:

The storm – a comb across the window,

Curtains drawn tight to keep out the cold

Hollowed out detritus.

Now come to this island rock

Just visible in her blooming;

The billowing sails

And old stone walls,

Facing each other

Across smooth waters,

All our tumbled lives

Laid bare.

© 2013, M. R. Baird

Tango For My Mother
At Age 90

What is hidden in the body comes undone
in summer heat
beneath your name
and I have lost my way
giving back what you gave,
as if it is that simple
unthreading this genetic maze
that was your shadow
cast upon the ground.

But for awhile, let us dance
where no one danced before,
in meadows separating life from death,
let us wear the garments of our sorrow
and our joy that at the end
are merely skin and bone
loaned us for awhile.

As if it is just that simple,
will we meet again
at the foot of the mountains,
in pastures of grazing horses,
and travel together again
in the old ways, following
the path cut for us by birth?
You of Earth, I of sky
at the foot of the mountains
where the snow-melt wanders,
waiting still to rest?

Is there for us a day
that wipes away the body and the blood
between dawn and sunset,

as rain sometimes wipes away the stains
we accumulate on our way
away from each other and towards
that other horizon?

No longer am I able to say You or I,
no longer are my cries
children nurtured on the path
from the pain of birth
you so willingly gave.
In the gravest hours
of my life
all that was taken
is returned. Your image
ages in the mirror,
yet you laugh at the pain.
What else can I do to ease your passing
besides live, breath deeply,
love, and remain ?


For more information, as well as to donate, please visit



Last Month:



Mary, Mary!  A Modern Vision of the Queen of Heaven










Klara Calitri


September 10- October 30, 2013


Lux color saturation, gravure scarring

and multiple layers shape this constructed memoir.

Opening Reception

Friday, September 13th 5–7 p.m.

Live Music – Jazz

Featuring Thea Martin-Calitri

First French Horn, VT Philharmonic


Graziella Weber-Grassi: Levitation

Exhibition: July 1–31, 2013 :: Opening Reception: Friday, July 12, 5–7 p.m.

One year later…Zone Three Gallery throws its doors open wide to once again foray into Graziella Weber-Grassi’s unique world of retro-surrealism. With “Levitation,” her follow up series to “Lonely Interiors,” we are lead to witness furniture that takes on a life of its own.

With these new mixed media/acrylic, on vintage ads, Graziella once again demonstrates her means to powerful insight through the use of nostalgic vignette. By peering into the oddly private world of the familiar, we quite unexpectedly catch some of the furniture in the act of levitation.

Also on exhibit in the Great Room – Often considered to be stylistically on parallel to Rosenquist, Graziella Weber- Grassi’s large scale acrylic on panel works juxtapose flashes of childhood and fragmented iconic imagery, creating a recognizable storyboard to define our precarious confluence with the past.

And…an additional gallery room, just opened, “the blue room” now exhibiting Atmospheres.