We Dream In Art


In the simple act of a sustained embrace lies our ability to heal ourselves, each other and the planet.  Embrace is a global performance art project about our common humanity;

We gather in mindful, embodied connection to invoke change.


For further information or to sign up to participate in an event contact:  www.EmbraceGlobalProject@yahoo.com

You can view an art film study of the piece by going to youtube.com Channel – Blinkyfilms1 = Main Street Embrace.  The url is: http://youtu.be/12lq-sooPw

The original Embrace film can be viewed here

The Embrace Project is currently in Scotland through the month of August, 2014, creating scheduled and impromptu Embrace events.


Diaspora is created as a vehicle for global support from the greater Diaspora of Scots to the people of Scotland and their evolution to an independent country. It is also a springboard for words of encouragement from the Scots united in positive voice.  The structural material used in each installation will be postcards filled with words of encouragement.  Each installation in the Diaspora art project will be unique and created for situation and place.  To participate contact:  sopelog@gmail.com.  For further info, visit our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/FreeScotlandNow  and website:www.FreeScotlandNow.org


Rachel Baird: Mandala

SUMMERLAND is Happening

For SUMMERLAND, a Renga Installation on Martha’s Vineyard, a group of esteemed island affiliated artists and poets have come together to create this second in a series of four unique seasonal installations. Read all about it in the poster below.

Summerland, an Island Renga