Well, it has been awhile since we have spoken. Many changes (mostly in locations) of Zone 3, which is being currently reinvented as an on-line gallery with pop-up physical locations from time to time. You never know where we might appear, currently, pop-up Zone 3 Gallery is located at ArtSight – 6 South Street Bristol Vermont. For 3.5 years I posted a daily weather blog via another media, and now, dreaming a new dream again, I thought I would share a post from that time. We are moving once again into mud-season, the time of spring rains, so I share this with you…

Degrees of Rain

I feel the whisper of water

all night long 

like your breath bowing my spine,

making my skin rise

and I can’t sleep for listening

to these subtle sounds of story, 

taking them in line by line,

by degrees of heat still carried

on these finely coiled threads;  

can’t decide whether to break them

or weave them deeper.

In the morning 

I open a window,

same as unhinging 

this wire cage; 

let out all the birds 

caught inside of me

fly into the rush of rain.

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