Next Morning – A Report

Ron Slabaugh’s jazz fusion improvisation on the piano was brilliant – creating a floating wall of sound that we all could move within. All were wowed by the space, art, artist Graziella herself, and several women commented that they wanted to own her stripey pants as well. Several of her works were sold to go home with people so that they could sleep with the art. Some commented that the Lonely Interiors series and Graziella’s ability to capture narrative and nostalgia brought up fond memories – flashes of childhood and bygone spaces they still longed for. The artist herself mentioned that these paintings were created from the viewpoint of looking through a window into the scene. After picking their favorite paintings, many became part of the art by stretching out on the checkerboard gallery floor to have their picture taken for artful purposes. We all ate, drank and talked about modern art, its wondrous beauty, power and significance in the world.

Next up – This Sunday the sParkARTscollEcTiVe meets for an ecstatic art workshop. We will have a pop-up gallery at 63 Maple Street, Suite 5 – In the Marble Works – Kubota Building – next Saturday, July 21st from 9-1. Come on by and see what we have created. Until then – We Dream In Art.

Alive and Tuned In

Day One: getting ready for our opening. The featured artist was last spotted at a picnic table on her porch with a big smile on her face. A visual and edible feast has been prepared. Come to the gallery and get your picture taken on our Wonderland shiny checkerboard floor…be part of the art.