Wide Awake and Still Digesting

Mary is definitely in the House….waking up, surrounded by Mary, what a powerful way to move through December – images of the mystical mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe, her namesakes in the flesh, all were at the gallery this past Saturday night, and what a joyous celebration of Mary it was – A feast for the eyes and a table overflowing with all manner of holiday gustatory pleasures.  We made merry long past the open studio hours and there was a sweet and steady arrival of friends and art lovers throughout the event.  Graziella Weber-Grassi’s sublime collages  fill the Main Gallery – from “Dizzy Mary” – featuring the Virgin with a gold tinsel halo on a psychedelic background to” Japanese Mary” – a more classic image surrounded by Japanese text, crepe paper and pleated cartoon sheets .  Once again showing her unique style and brilliant retro-surrealist vision – yes I am gushing – come and see for yourself  and be truly amazed – open Monday- Friday 8-6.   To view the riot of new mixed media Mary’s in the great, room, feel free to phone for an appointment.  The show runs through December 30th.  All of us at Zone Three wish you a Very Mary Christmas!