Wide Awake and Getting Ready to Dance Across the Creek

Just finished hanging the Train and Creek show in our Main Gallery….this work is soulful, moving – folks in the building just passing through were observed standing around studying and gazing into the depth of field of these extraordinary mixed media pieces. I heard several utterances of “wow.” Zone Three is truly elated to have M P Landis at the gallery. What an amazing addition his work is. You can feel the essence of this place, Middlebury, Vermont, Addison County, from where he pulled up meaning and laid it down on the page. Get ready for our opening reception, this coming Friday, May 10th from 5-7 p.m.

And to start the Arts Walk season off with a little flare – the skirl of the pipes will be heard at 5:00 p.m. – highland pipes in front of the Zone Three Gallery building (and heard throughout town as well, no doubt) to be followed by a Celtic Music Concert in the Gallery’s Great Room with Green Mountain Celts. I am putting my jig shoes on for this one.

Alive and Dreaming in the Month of Hearts

The month of hearts is here and so “My Pooling Heart” arrives in a timely fashion. In this series by Rachel Baird acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper images dismantle the heart in stages to peer beneath the outer surface into snapshots of what affects the heart both physically and emotionally.….Sorrow over collective suffering, personal loss, broken romances and physical degeneration all lie beneath a beating heart. The heart is the ruler of our bodies, the arteries a superhighway conducted from the source. The heart is many things…perhaps an opening. This exhibit is featured in the main gallery through February 28th.

Also exhibiting this month—at the National Bank of Middlebury, “Sardinian Cupids” by Graziella Weber-Grassi. These clever and whimsical collages have winged cherubs popping out of cloud filled sardine cans….each features a unique cancelled stamp—all the better to fly…

Alive and Tuned In On Island

Saturday a.m. sitting in Kissmet – listening to beautiful Turkish music and checking e-mails because my computer has gone to the beach without me…..besides, Kissmet has air conditioned loveliness – Am on Martha’s Vineyard doing prep work for the up coming Renga Installation – read all about it in the poster below – a group of esteemed island affiliated artists and poets have come together to create this second in a series of four unique seasonal installations….SUMMERLAND is happening. Turkish Birthday Feast for me later tonight – then back to Vermont to film language school poets for the short film “Word Speak” – out this coming Friday during the Artswalk on the iPad Gallery….and of course a trip to the beach tonight under the starlit skies to retrieve my computer!

Summerland, an Island Renga