Profound discoveries, reshaped words from story to poem and new story, then story told

at the May Artswalk – two poets meet and read, Karla, the keeper of the dream and Zoe

telling of a new dream, a new day…. I sit mesmerized by the both of them, the sound of

their voices, the meter of their words, strung together into an enduring shape of memory.

Study Karla’s layered page on page and perfect hand stitches across story and image. A

magical night at Zone Three….Enter the zone, indeed.

Alive and Swirling

The day after…Mandalas, lots of them, on beautiful big concrete walls with natural light streaming in – what is an artist not to like about that scenario?
Thank you to all my friends, friends I just met yesterday, and all who stopped by to walk the building and see the art, stop and chat, learn more about the concept and energy behind this series. This exhibit will be up at 1330 Exchange Street for a full year, so whoever sees this blog, I hope you get a chance to stop by sometime over the course, and see for yourself the synergy between architecture and art. – Rachel